Podologie Till Schwermer

Immer im Dienst Ihrer Füße !

Welcome to my website    


The treatment and healty of your feet in the medical sense is the goal and the task of my work.

After my training as medical footcare in 1979, I took over my fathers Business and work.

After many years and regular further training I took the examination of the ZFD.

The ZFD is the largest professional association for Podologen and Footcare in Germany.

For this federation I was active many years as district-manager and seminar leaders.

Additionally I have the state examination as Podologe completes.

In 2005-2006  I allowed to train Turkey Podiatrist in a EU-project on behalf Internationaler Bund and the Akdeniz-University in Antalya.

Several times in the year I go to Japan to train foot male nurses at the first school for footcar in Tokyo by Van San Sho


Treatment options

  • Professional trimming and grinding the nails
  • Removal of corneal
  • Removing corns of all kinds
  • Warts Treatment
  • Grinding thickened nails
  • Grinding mycotic nails(nail fungus in support of medical treatment)
  • Nail corrective brace for Fraser
  • Nail corrective with 3TO-Brace
  • Orthoses/pressure relif individually manufactured from silicone rubber
  • Foot and leg massage
  • Foot Reflexology to relax
  • Foot Therapy by a medial prescription